Triad Meat Company always cuts all its beef, pork, and poultry products fresh daily, here at this facility. Nothing is ever pre cut, gas flushed, or chemically treated to preserve color or freshness. Can your local grocer say the same?

Your #1 Meat Market for

Freshness, Quality, & Savings    

    Since 1961

Greensboro's Only Full Service Butcher Shop Thats Inspected Daily By The N.C. Dept. of Agriculture 


Order Your All Natural, Antibiotic Free Pastured Raised Berkshire Pork

( From Our Own Small Family Farm )

Whole Hogs  3.99lb.

Average 100-125 lbs.

Processed and Packaged Anyway You Like It.

All Natural Fresh Egg Delivered Daily

From Our Own Family Farm

 Bubba & Barts Marinade  3.89

Graduations, Birthdays, Summer Parties, Let Us Put Your Next Big Cookout Together!  From the Freshest Meats to All the Trimmings!!!

Tailgate Special

10pc. 80/20 Ground Beef Patties

5lb. Chicken Wings

5lb. Ribs

3lb. Smokes Sausage


We offer Gift Cards 





                            We Process Deer


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