N.C. Hunters for the Hungry

                     2014 Season

Triad Meat Company is now the  Guilford County drop off station for the N.C. Hunters for the Hungry. And I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you all to participate in this cost effective program that will help reduce hunger in the triad area.

How Can You Help:  Successful hunters that fill their tag now have a unique opportunity to return to their heritage as food providers and give back to their community to help the less fortunate. Just drop off any unwanted deer (skinned and gutted) at Triad Meat Company and we will process it and get it to the relief agencies (at no cost) that serve the hungry people of the triad. 

Total  Donated in 2014 : 30 Deer = 1200 lb. ( 4800 meals )

Total Pounds Since 2008 = 9760 lb. ( 39,040 meals ) 

This is Triad Meats sixth year as a N.C Hunters for the Hungry drop off station, and I'd like to take a moment and thank all the hunters and customers that give money too provide such a wonderfull gift to the less fortunate in our community. Many hands make the load light, and it takes the many hands of all of you all that take the time to care about there neighbor. Without the work of a hunter thats dragging a deer back to the truck long after dark, or a customer that doesn't hunt, but puts there change in a jar, over 34,000 meals would not have been served in the triad area. From all the staff at Triad Meat Company, thank you very much for your hard work and dedication. 


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